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We are a fully functional WEB-STORE. The fastest way to obtain our products is to purchase them on-line through our SECURE VeriSign payment processor. Enjoy using this up-to-date system and let us know if you run into any difficulty.
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The Adaptive Device Locator System is on-line and better than ever. Visit AdaptWorld.com, our sister site, to access ADLS-on-the-Web.

Play interactive WEB DEMOs of Dino-GAMES and Multi-SCAN distributed on CD-ROM for Windows 95/98 and Macintosh OS PowerPC computers. These products work seamlessly with our SS-ACCESS PC Package switch interface as well as alternate keyboards and other types of control access devices.

Check out SS-ACCESS for Windows, part of our SS-ACCESS PC Package. If you don't need the power of WinSCAN but want simple, problem-free, single-switch access to the exciting new Windows software with built-in scanning from companies like Laureate Learning Systems and Edmark, then you need SS-ACCESS!

When you do need WinSCAN for full, independent control of Windows software, look for new setups for popular software in the WinSCAN Setup Download Library.

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