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... are pre-reading/readiness activities for children 2 to 6 years old.

DinoGAME Graphic DINO-MAZE provides a series of colorful, motivating exercises where dinosaur characters move through mazes to reach goals with reinforcement through music and animation. Single-switch users can choose between cause and effect activities or games that involve decisions about which direction the animated characters should take in order to reach the goal.

DINO-FIND is a game of concentration that stimulates memory and pattern recognition and provides scanning practice. Dinosaurs are selected randomly and one to six matching pairs can be displayed. Switch users make selections using row/column or linear scanning methods.

DINO-LIKE is a matching game. Single-switch users select dinosaurs that are identical to the target dinosaur. The discrimination level can be set manually, choosing a match and two distractors, a match and one distractor, or the match alone. Color, shape, and orientation of dinosaurs are used to enhance pattern matching skills.

DinoDot Graphic DINO-DOT is a collection of dot-to-dot games. Connect the dots and colorful animated dinosaurs appear before your eyes. Number concepts, counting, sequencing skills, and spatial perception are involved in play. Games can be selected using patterns of three, six, nine, or twelve dots. Mode of play, difficulty level, auditory feedback, and scan speed can be controlled manually.

Dino-GAMES work great with SS-ACCESS for Windows, the single-switch PC USB interface from ASI.
They also work with alternate keyboards and other popular alternative input devices for the PC.

Now just    $20.00 each + shipping
$60.00 for a set of all four games!

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