For PCs with Windows 8 or 10, the answer is ...

SS-ACCESS for Windows!

A simple solution from ASI for single-function, single-switch access for the Windows PC family.

SS-ACCESS Carton Switch Interface Picture

SS-ACCESS is as easy to use as ...

  1. Plug the SS-ACCESS USB Adapter into your PC's USB port;
  2. Plug your switch into the adapter;
  3. Install and/or run the SS-ACCESS software (from PC or flashdrive);
  4. Run your single-switch application program.

SS-ACCESS is a single-function, single-switch interface solution for your PC and for Windows 8 and 10. Easy to install, simple to use, and compatible with the widest range of computers and application programs. You choose a keystroke, function key, combination key command, or mouse click to be sent to the single-switch application program each time the user presses the switch. Adjust the repeat rate and dwell time (i.e., the activation delay) to suit the abilities of the user. SS-ACCESS is designed especially for new Windows operating systems and for programs from ASI, Edmark, Laureate Learning Systems, and other publishers who provide built-in single-switch accessibility features and scanning controls.

SS-ACCESS for Windows works with most external adaptive switches. It includes the software (on an 8gb flashdrive with plenty of extra room to carry movies, books, and files when you go out); an easy-to-follow User's Guide; the SS-ACCESS USB Adapter for your switch; and SS-DEMO, a fun single-switch demonstration game from ASI.

$70.00 pkg + shipping

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