Sample pages from the Third Edition of the

Handbook of Adaptive Switches and
Augmentative Communication Devices

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The first two illustrations below show the Table of Contents and a page from the introductory chapter on the ergonomics for computer access. One third of the Handbook (over 100 pages) contains narrative and useful charts, tables, checklists, and forms brimming with practical information on ergonomics and physical interaction, seating and positioning, control access, and other assessment and functional concerns.

Table of Contents Human-Environment Interaction

Proper seating and positioning are matters of great concern for the therapist, teacher, parent, and individual with disabilities. Computer interaction typically involves many hours in a seated position without much physical activity. The Handbook contains an entire chapter on this subject written by an expert in the field. Below are shown the first two pages of a six page Troubling-Shooting Chart for Seating and Positioning to help you recognize and correct seating problems before they began to affect posture and health adversely.

Trouble-Shooting Chart 1
Trouble-Shooting Chart 2

The Handbook provides comprehensive practical and technical information pertinent to device selection for a wide variety of commercially available switches and aug-com devices. It contains physical descriptions; pictures; laboratory test data on switch activation and release pressures, travel distances, and compliance; and other functional information to help you choose the most appropriate pressure switch and augmentative device for a particular person.

Below are shown example data sheets from the Handbook for the L.T. Switch available from Don Johnston, Inc., and fact sheets for the Say It Simply augmentative communication device from Innocomp.

Switch Data Sheet 1 Switch Data Sheet 2

Aug Com Fact Sheet 1 Aug Com Fact Sheet 2

We believe you will enjoy this publication and find it useful.

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