WinSCAN 2.0 Setup #3002 ....................

Software: Arthur's Teacher Troubles Content: Reading - Interactive Books
Publisher: Living Books - Random House/ Broderbund Age/Grade: Elementary
Address: PO Box 6125
Novato, CA 94948
CD ROM, Microsoft Windows Version 3.1 or higher
Telephone: 415-382-4700

Software Summary

An interactive book, Arthur's Teacher Troubles, encourages students to read and explore. The book is divided into pages and each page is interactive. The story is read to you by the computer. You move through the book by clicking to turn the page. You are encouraged to explore by clicking on different objects on the page, causing the objects to make sounds and animate.

Scanning Display

Scanning Display

Startup: Use the General WinSCAN display setup to open the Living Books program. Insure that the mouse cursor is over the storybook program window. Select the Control Panel scan key to change setups. Choose the Living Books setup ( Then select quit from the control panel. The storybook program is now open with the new scanning display setup running. However the storybook program does not have the focus. To re-select the storybook program, insure that the mouse cursor is positioned over the storybook window. If so, choose the Left Click scan key (#5) to select the window. If not, use the Mouse Control scan keys (#1-4) to move the mouse cursor over the story window and then choose the Left Click scan key. You are ready to work the storybook.

Tutorial: With the story selected and the setup up and running, move through the storybook program exactly as you would using the mouse. Maneuver around each story window using the mouse controls (#1-5), clicking on objects to animate them. The Page Back and Page Forward scan keys (#6 and #7) are quick ways to move from page to page. Choose the Exit key (#8) to go immediately to the title page of the story.

Design Rationale: The WinSCAN setup was designed mainly around the mouse functions needed to operate the storybook program. The scan keys were chosen for their simplicity and their similarity to game features and controls. You may choose to omit the Exit and Control Panel scan keys to prevent the user from leaving the program or changing the scan controls inadvertantly.

WinSCAN 2.0 Setup #3002 ....................

Typical Arthur's Teacher Troubles Screens

Screen 1Screen 2

WinSCAN 2.0 Setup Screen for Arthur's Teacher Troubles

Setup Screen

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